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My grandmother and my mother were my biggest influences who guided me towards art. Their love for art and crafts created a happy playful space for me to carry on my own explorations.

These explorations led me to a career in fashion where I learnt more about colors, patterns, textures and how these can affect our thoughts and feelings. Another thing I learnt in fashion was how much sustainability matters. When I create artwork, I try to reuse, recycle and upcycle as much as possible. You will find that most of the paper used in collages is from junk mail, old magazines and packaging materials.

♡ Dipti


I work in the form of collections – another practice that follows me from the world of fashion. However, each piece has its own meaning and inspiration. I start out with the common theme and imbibe it with another inspiration. The pieces of paper that I start out with and the colors and textures in them guide me along the process. This way the magic of surprise still exists throughout the process of creation

I love arranging colors and textures to create a lively movement across the piece. Be it the pops of color or an ombre effect, it guides the viewer’s eyes to experience a joyous moment and create a sense of wonder in their minds.

Nature and people around me are always a source of inspiration.